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Our Sustainability Commitment

At Macfarlane Group we recognise our responsibilities to operate and invest in our business to improve sustainability. We also understand our role in supporting our customers to minimise the impact their operations have on the environment.

Consequently, we have set targets for reducing Macfarlane Group’s carbon emissions and are focused on implementing initiatives that help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives. These targets and initiatives form part of our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy. You can find out more below, or click here to download a complete copy of our latest ESG report.

Our 2021 ESG highlights

Annual CO2 reduction - blue skies

Annual CO2 reduction

20.7% CO2e intensity reduction in 2021 (1.6% absolute reduction).

Macfarlane electric trucks

New electric trucks

Five new electric trucks ordered and being added to the Macfarlane Packaging delivery fleet in 2022.

Macfarlane - Charitable donations

Charitable donations

Charitable employee engagement events including supporting Mental Health Awareness Week by encouraging colleagues to reconnect with nature.

Landfill full of waste

Waste diverted from landfill

99% of Macfarlane Group waste diverted from landfill.

Helping our customers

Our customers

Helping customers reduce waste and CO2 through optimised packaging.

Happy customer - customer satisfaction score

Customer satisfaction

48 – our average Net Promoter Score for 2021 (2020:53).

New systems

New systems

Significant investment in new health and safety management system.


Macfarlane packaging electric truck

We are taking proactive steps to:

  • Tackle our CO2 emissions, especially from our truck fleet
  • Protect natural resources through monitoring and managing their use by the business
  • Closing the loop through better design and sourcing
  • Leading sustainable change in protective packaging


Social workers

We are meeting the needs of customers and colleagues by:

  • Working with customers to build a more sustainable future for all
  • Investing in the community we serve by supporting colleagues in fundraising and volunteering
  • Protecting our colleagues through health and wellbeing initiatives as well as employee development
  • Promoting diversity and encouraging employee engagement


Macfarlane ESG sphere

There are clear policies in place to promote strong ethics in the business. This is further supported by our core value of integrity, ensuring that is the basis for our key decisions and interactions.

Environmental, Social & Governance Report, 2021 – 2022