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We reduce damages and returns by:

Considering your packaging

Through the use of innovative materials and design, along with global sourcing, we can offer you packs that are the perfect fit and strong enough to guarantee product protection. Our packs are often lighter than customers’ current choices too, providing additional savings through reduced transport costs.

Assessing your processes and equipment

Partial or full automation improves productivity and product protection because the boxes used in automation are light but strong. Efficiently packed goods are better protected – just one way in which changing a process can protect your products.

Understanding your products’ journeys

From aerospace and engineering to e-retail, we understand the diverse needs of very different industries and sectors. We develop packaging that protects every imaginable product in storage and throughout its supply chain journey.

Minimising environmental impact

All the energy and precious resources used to produce any product are wasted if it is damaged in storage or transit. And replacing it doubles the carbon footprint per order. That’s why our packs are strong enough for product protection while also being reusable, recyclable and easily returnable – Macfarlane Packaging minimises waste.

Case studies

Reducing transit damage to Acer tablets with Airsac protective packaging.

Acer was looking for an optimum protective solution for shipping their refurbished tablets across the UK and Europe.

The company needed packaging that would help them minimise product damage, reduce costs and increase the speed of their packaging line.


The cutting edge of product protection

Through product and system design and ongoing innovation, Macfarlane Packaging is constantly improving protection for products in storage and in transport.

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Product innovation

Innovative packaging products can transform your operation and boost your reputation with customers.


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