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The Significant Six Cost Finder is designed to assess the cost-effectiveness of your packaging operation. It will highlight the changes to packaging, processes and equipment that can reduce or even eliminate your hidden costs.

The Significant Six Cost Finder can transform the profitability of your operation, improve client satisfaction and play an important role in taking your business forward.

The Significant Six

At Macfarlane Packaging, we have spent decades innovating and perfecting packaging for a wide range of markets. Packaging that is strong, space efficient and, increasingly, sustainable.

In doing so, we have isolated six hidden costs that have the biggest impact on most packaging operations. Unfortunately, these costs can account for 90% – that’s right, 90% – of all costs in a packaging operation. We call them the Significant Six.

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Administration costs >

Productivity costs >

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The Significant Six Cost Finder will reveal which of the costs is having the biggest effect on your business and how they may be connected to each other. You will then have a blueprint to design a faster, more sustainable and much more cost-effective packaging operation.

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