Innovation lab

The Macfarlane Packaging Innovation Lab provides a stimulating, dynamic and engaging environment, designed to unleash the imaginative power of our most talented people. Located in Milton Keynes, the facility enables us to find very smart solutions for our customers, very quickly.

Cutting edge equipment

A key part of saving our customers time and money is the Innovation Lab’s state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

  • Interactive touchscreen technology
  • The latest design software
  • A state of the art printer/cutting table
  • Modern packing benches
  • Fully equipped packaging solutions showroom equipped with the latest Innovations from our global supply partners

Control the significant six

Customers visiting the Innovation Lab will work with packaging experts from Macfarlane and our partners in this uniquely creative environment to fully understand the cost of their packaging process. They can then help to develop solutions that address the significant six hidden costs in all packaging operations.

The Innovation Lab gives customers direct involvement in tailoring packaging to their particular needs. This significantly speeds up the process of creating a bespoke packaging solution – ranging from a printed sample to a fully modelled new packaging process.

I’m confident that this facility could make a big difference to online retailers such as FEELUNIQUE, for whom the customer experience is vitally important. The online retail environment moves at a terrific pace, so being able to bring our most demanding packaging challenges to Macfarlane and leave with a solution that meets our needs on the same day is a major step forward.
Craig Wheeler,
eCommerce/Retail Operations Director

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