Automatic tape machines speed up application, improving productivity. When manually applying tape, operators can be prone to use more tape than required, automation ensures that the correct amount of material is used each time.


Electronic tape dispensers for water activated tape can be programmed to dispense pre-set cut lengths of tape, so the operator can select the right options for the box they are packing. The tape is ready to apply directly to the box, significantly speeding up the packing time.

Reduces packing times

Semi or fully automatic case tapers simultaneously apply pressure sensitive tape to the top and bottom seams of packed cartons. These machines can be integrated into a packing line or conveyor system, speeding up the process even further and reducing the number of touches per pack.

Reduce damages and returns

Consistency of application of tape can ensure that it does not break away from the box, which makes the whole parcel tougher and more secure.

Improve customer experience

Automatic tape machines provide consistently neat and secure sealing. Shipments look neat and professional and the products are very well protected.

Reduce storage costs
Reduced transport costs
Reduced damages and returns
Reduced administration costs
Better customer experience
Improved productivity

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