We offer a full range of automation solutions to take your business to the next level.

If your business is not ready for full scale automation, there are also a number of solutions to start making your packaging operation more efficient.

Save on storage space and materials
Save on transport costs
Only use what you need – reducing your carbon footprint and creating a better impression for your customers

Automated Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning solutions are perfect when it comes to optimising your warehouse floor – one block of paper can replace around three bags of loose fill.


Typically, paper cushioning machines require minimal room and are quick and easy to install.


Material is dispensed quickly, speeding up packing time. Semi-automatic machines can cut your void fill to pre-set lengths, ensuring that packers do not over pack boxes. This reduces waste packaging and increases material yield.

Automated Air Cushion Machinery

Air cushions provide exceptional product protection, especially if packs are dropped. Inflating air cushions on demand is really simple and machines use their own internal air source to ensure that no compressed air is needed. There are a number of different machines available and many are compact enough to sit on the pack bench.

Bubble on Demand

If you are short of space in the warehouse, switching from rolls of bubble wrap to a machine like the New Air I.B. that inflates on demand can help to significantly increase space. It is also far more environmentally friendly to send out flat rolls of film versus large rolls of bubble wrap.


The bubble can be inflated and dispensed at a set length to reduce waste and ensure packers do not overfill boxes. It can also be delivered to pack benches via hoppers and inflated on demand.

Foam Cushioning

You can ensure product integrity by making a custom cushion pack that moulds perfectly to your items on demand – eliminating the need to store bulky cushion packs on site.


The foam cushioning is suitable for packing a vast range of products and supplied just-in-time ensuring the right amount of material is used every time.

Integrated Systems

At Macfarlane Packaging we have worked with many customers to create custom integrated systems that can deliver protective packaging on demand. For example, having overhead hoppers dispensing airbags at each pack bench. An integrated system can save space, improve ergonomics and speed up packing.

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