At Macfarlane Packaging we can supply a wide range of custom shelf ready packaging (SRP).


When sending your goods to store, retailers are looking to receive boxes that are easy to open, fit alongside other products on the shelf and are easy to recycle. With an array of different box orientations and printing options you can be sure to deliver your brand on the shelf, whilst maintaining optimum protection during transit.


It is important to optimise product visibility and provide easy access to items. This will make it easier for customers to find your brand and take what they need off the shelf.

Shelf ready custom packaging

By creating the optimum size for your shelf ready box, you can consolidate the number of deliveries you will be making as we can help you to maximise pallet space. This not only reduces your operational costs but helps the environment too.

If boxes are easy to open and put out for display, they can be replenished faster, which means you will sell more of your products.


We have a dedicated team working with customers on their shelf ready packaging and they can help you to find the right solution for your products and your brand.

Proper Corn custom packaging

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