We offer a full range of automation solutions to take your business to the next level.

Box automation

Imagine lidding, sealing and labelling done automatically. All your packer has to do is put the goods into a tray.


This solution could dramatically reduce your packing area – some clients report a 50% reduction in space. Because boxes are sized around your products there is also a reduction in transportation costs.

Automation can offer advantages to large packaging operations.

The first benefits that come to mind for most people are speed and consistency, which automation clearly delivers. But it is when automation is considered not simply as an add-on, but part of a carefully planned fully integrated and tailored operational solution, that it starts to offer really substantial gains.

When the right balance between manual functions, semi-automation and full automation is found, your operation will be dramatically more resilient and flexible. Through the intelligent use of automation, we can help you achieve improvements in efficiency and quality that provide savings at every stage in your packaging process.

Most of the Significant Six – the packaging costs that could be hiding throughout your operation – can be reduced by automation. It can save you space and time and reduce transport costs while preventing damage to shipped goods and the resulting damage to your reputation.

Box automation
Shredders box automation
Save on storage space and materials
Save on transport costs
Reduce damages and returns
Reduce packing times by up to 50%
Improve customer experience

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