New Mail Lite® Mailers are designed for recycling

Mail Lite® mailers now use non PE coated paper which can easily be recycled in the paper waste stream. This also means it is now easy to separate the bubble from the outer paper without compromising the cushioning performance. The internal bubble can be reused as a bubble bag or recycled in the appropriate waste stream.

  • Uses FSC® certified paper from responsible forestry
  • Inner bubble is made with at least 60% recycled content
  • Compared with corrugated boxes, which are often used together with void-fill material, Mail Lite® protective mailers save time, energy, storage space, and typically save over 35% in postal costs

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The Significant Six

The Significant Six are the big hidden costs that undermine the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all packaging operations.

We have identified them, analysed them and developed products and strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

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You’ve seen how we can help with storage costs. What other Significant Six costs are hiding in your packaging operation?