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The Innovation Lab will help you find the optimum packaging solution through industry leading design and testing.

See how the Innovation Lab can help you create the very best packaging for your products and reduce operational costs.

The Innovation Lab is designed to create solutions for the most demanding packaging challenges.

By bringing together the latest technology under one roof it reduces the time needed to find the right packaging solution.

Benefits of the Innovation lab

An immersive experience

The innovation lab offers a fully immersive experience, giving you the opportunity to step away from your usual environment to focus on your product’s journey through the supply chain.

Bring your brand to life

A full day of creative exploration in the Innovation Lab can unlock new ways to use packaging to create a positive brand experience whether your products are destined for a business or consumer.

Discover hidden costs

The Innovation Lab will also help you to understand the total cost of your packaging supply chain, providing an environment where product damage, speed of packing, truckload weight, the need for storage space and more – can all be effectively evaluated.

Find savings – for your business and the environment

Your optimum packing solution will make your whole operation more efficient, saving time and money, delivering a great brand experience to your customers and reducing your business’s environmental impact.

An image of the iLab with the caption Take the virtual tour
Take the virtual tour
Take the virtual tour

State of the art equipment

New flatbed printer

LED UV digital flatbed printer replicates production print finishes on your chosen packaging materials.

  • Print directly on to a range of substrates for you to sign off on the day
  • See your brand come to life to enhance the customer experience

New Testing equipment

With new testing equipment the Innovation Lab can carry out a range of material tests to validate performance to industry standards.

Covid-safe environment

  • Video conferencing is available using Zoom or Teams
  • Social distancing is in place and we can accommodate meetings of up to 6 people
  • Floor marking is in place and there are sanitising stations throughout the Innovation Lab

Existing on-site services and technology

  • On-site design
  • AR design technology
  • Artworking
  • CAD table
  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Packaging automation equipment
  • Infill delivery systems
  • Simplicit.e – online order management system
Innovation lab
Innovation lab
Innovation lab
Innovation lab

Innovation Lab and the Significant Six

90% of a packaging operation’s costs are hidden. These costs to your business are also costs to the environment. They break down into the Significant Six costs that we can help you isolate and eliminate. A central role of the Innovation Lab is to assess the role of the pack itself in adding to these costs and developing an alternative that reduces or eliminates them.

The Significant Six costs are:

Lab we can work with you to develop a pack that is lighter, smaller, more sustainable, quicker to fill, easier to open, looks great, and is stronger than your current one. Such a pack will reduce or eliminate all of the Significant Six costs.

To find out more about the Significant Six Packaging review we offer, click here.

Video: Macfarlane Packaging Innovation Lab

Video: Macfarlane Packaging Innovation Lab