COVID 19 – An update from Macfarlane Group


Dear Customer,

After a busy summer I thought it would be useful to update you on key developments at Macfarlane Group:

  • While we saw some easing of restrictions across the summer, as COVID levels went into retreat, regrettably we are now seeing the reinstatement of controls, with the prospect of life (and business) becoming more difficult for us all as we approach the winter months.
  • Despite the forthcoming challenges all of our locations remain open for business and all appropriate precautions remain in place to make them safe for staff and visitors.
  • All of our drivers have the necessary PPE and personal hygiene tools to protect both their health and those people with which they may come into contact as they make deliveries.
  • A number of our staff will remain working from home where possible and we have enhanced the equipment they have to ensure they can communicate effectively.
  • We have seen an increase in customers requesting visits from our sales team who have also been provided with the necessary PPE for these visits to be carried out safely.

The health and safety of our staff and our customers remain our key priority and we will work alongside all our customers to ensure that precautions are implemented effectively.

The October-December trading period has traditionally been a particularly busy time. Our additional priorities during this period include:

  • To work closely with you to ensure that we can provide the products and services you need during the seasonal period.
  • Supply chains may come under some pressure with both the seasonal and Brexit impact and, therefore, it would be beneficial where possible, to understand your forward needs.
  • To continue to offer you guidance and advice to ensure you have the most cost-effective packaging operation. The “Significant Six” model remains a great way of identifying improvement opportunities.
  • Our Innovation Lab is now fully available for visits and can also be accessed virtually if this better suits your needs.
  • We have improved our transactional capability.  If you prefer to transact with us online, talk to us about Simplicit.e,  our online trading platform.

Thank you for your ongoing support and patience during these difficult times. The feedback we receive from our customers enables us to be flexible and effective in responding to your needs.

I want to assure you that the team at Macfarlane are committed to working with you to assist in meeting your needs and, as ever, if you wish to raise anything with me directly, please feel free to contact me.


Stay safe,

Peter D Atkinson

Chief Executive

COVID 19 – An update from Macfarlane Group


As we all take the first tentative steps in response to the easing of some of the Government’s lockdown measures, I thought it would be useful to update you on the actions we are taking at Macfarlane.

  • All of our sites have been operational throughout lockdown, with a number of our staff also working from home.
  • We have recently implemented a programme at all our sites to improve workplace distancing and hygiene procedures to ensure our customers and staff stay protected.
  • Our field sales teams have been provided with new sales tools to enable them to operate effectively on a remote basis and have new strict H&S protocols where customers accept face to face meetings.
  • We have invested more resource in our online ordering system, Simplicit-e, in response to increasing demand from customers who choose to order over the internet.
  • The Macfarlane Innovation Lab has been upgraded with a £200k investment in new technology. Additional social distancing and hygiene protocols are also in place and the Innovation Lab is now open for customer visits.

The team at Macfarlane has worked hard during lockdown to support our customers, many of whom have played major roles in ensuring vital supplies and equipment have been available to the NHS and critical parts of UK industry.

We recognise that you will now be looking for your suppliers to provide further support in terms of increased supply chain efficiency and added value for your business. We are preparing the Macfarlane business to extend our support to you by exploring and sharing ideas that will enable you to reduce your total cost of packaging using our Significant Six methodology.

When you are ready, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss the Significant Six approach – by video, phone, face to face or through an Innovation Lab visit.

Thank you for your loyalty to Macfarlane. I very much hope that the worst of this crisis is now behind us and we look forward to continuing to work with you safely and effectively.

As always if I can be of any help then please feel free to be in touch

Best regards,

Peter D Atkinson

Chief Executive

COVID 19 – An update from Macfarlane Group


We recently asked you to indicate what improvements we could make in order to support you more effectively in addressing the challenges of COVID-19.

Thank you for your feedback which is important for us to help meet your changing needs. I summarise below the key areas that were highlighted for improvement and our planned actions:


  • Most of you are satisfied with the level and frequency of our contact with you.
  • We are planning to make our people more accessible and able to respond to queries even more quickly.


  • You were positive on the reliability and the helpfulness of our drivers.
  • We are looking to provide more delivery flexibility and out of hours deliveries.

Online Ordering

  • Many of you valued the benefits of online ordering.
  • We are allocating more resource to support those customers looking to manage their packaging purchases online and increasing the capability and speed of Simplicit.e our online ordering portal.

Forward Purchasing

  • A number of you see the security of supply on key lines as critical.
  • Availability of forward purchasing options will be better communicated.

We will ensure you are all fully briefed as we roll-out our improvement programmes in these areas.

Meanwhile, all our sites are fully operational and our teams both on site and those working from home are available to respond to your protective packaging needs to ensure the vital products and equipment you supply to reach their destination safely.

The Macfarlane team is immensely proud to support our customers. We all fully recognise the products and equipment you supply are playing a critical role in enabling the country to work its way through the COVID-19 crisis.

I am always available if I can personally be of help during this challenging period.

Stay safe.

Best regards,

Peter D Atkinson
Chief Executive

COVID 19 – An update from Macfarlane Group


As we continue our lockdown, I thought I should update you on how Macfarlane Group is responding to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

We fully recognise the important role your business plays in supporting the country as we face these unprecedented times. Our objective is to support you in any way we can to enable your products to be effectively protected and identified as they move through the supply chain to the point where they are needed.

I have had the privilege of talking with a number of our customers recently and the feedback I received has allowed us to focus on the areas that you, our customers, see as priorities for Macfarlane in order to provide you with effective support:

  • Keep people safe and healthy
  • Ensure effective communications
  • Act quickly
  • Be proactive

We are working with all our sites to ensure that our people can operate within the important health guidelines on social distancing. There are enhanced hygiene/sanitation programmes in place, availability of PPE where needed and key worker segregation.

All our business units are fully operational with staff on site. A number of our people are operating from home and all have the necessary communications technology to function effectively.

I recognise the needs of your customers are changing regularly. We will do everything we can to respond to you promptly in order that you can meet your customers’ changing needs. Currently, our supplier base is functioning well and we will keep you updated should this change.

We acknowledge the need to be proactive and have been working with a range of our customers to help them with their forward planning of packaging/label supplies and where required, helping them with pack design changes and bespoke sourcing activity.

I am immensely proud of the commitment demonstrated by Macfarlane’s people throughout this, the most difficult period that any of us have encountered. Despite the pressures we are all under, they recognise the need to maintain our support to you and they understand the important role you are playing in helping the country through the COVID-19 crisis.

I am available if I can be of any help and would welcome your input at any time.

Stay safe.

Best regards,

Peter D Atkinson
Chief Executive