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Stretch wrap: find out how much more you can do with less

Use less film & save up to 50 percent of your stretch wrap costs

Booking a stretch wrap review with our packaging experts could save you money, improve your efficiency and reduce the amount of plastic you’re using.

How a stretch film review works

A stretch film review takes less than an hour…

  • We analyse your film performance, load stability & wrapping costs
  • Our experts take the data and use it to make a recommendation
  • We’ll explain the best stretch wrap and equipment for your business
  • You’ll get an illustration of the savings
stretch wrap review how it works

Reduce your costs & use less plastic

This simple review will benefit your business…

  • Spend less – reduce your film costs by up to 50%
  • Use less – the right film can help you use less plastic material
  • Less waste – using less can help you lower your carbon footprint
  • Less hassle – reduced handling saves you time
  • Do more – wrap more pallets with less film
  • More stability – enjoy secure & safe transit for your products
stretch review benefits

Book a stretch wrap review today

At Macfarlane Packaging we can support you with an extensive range of stretch films from stock, as well as custom sourced stretch wrap and a full range of stretch wrapping equipment and automation. Make sure you get in touch today to find our how we can help…

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