At Macfarlane Packaging we have curated a range of social distancing products to help get your business back to work. If you cannot find the product you are looking for or, would like to know more about the products on display, please complete the “contact us” form.

Social Distance Shield

Stay safe between workstations

Our corrugate screens are 2 metres tall and are printed with the message:

“Please keep safe, maintain 2m distance”.

Due to their height, they are ideal to use as temporary physical separators between workstations or, alternatively, they can be used as signage.

Easy to assemble, they can be stored flat when not in use. As they are made of corrugate they are 100% recyclable.

safe distance shields

Safe Distance Tape

Our safe distance tape is printed with the message “Please keep a safe distance of 2 metres” and is an ideal cue for staff and visitors to maintain a safe social distance.

Quick and easy to apply, the tape can be lifted when no longer required.

Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tape is a cost-effective solution to mark out designated distances and specific areas.

We have a range of colours which are visibly bright, very long-lasting and easy to apply.

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

We can supply advisory floor stickers in a range of print designs. These concise, hard-wearing stickers can be applied at key points on aisles or workspaces to act as a constant reminder for the need to social distance.

When they are no longer required, the stickers can be easily removed.

*Other designs available

hand sanitisers

Hand sanitiser 500 ml

Antiseptic Plastic Room Separators

These solutions participate actively in the increase of safety at workplaces, hospitals and homes.

Due to the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, pathogens will be neutralized and the number of germs will be reduced.

Size 1000x2000mm

sneeze screen

Sneeze Screen

Acrylic screens are a great way to protect staff whilst maintaining an open, light environment.

We can provide freestanding screens or wraparound desk screens.

Freestanding screens are available in stock sizes of 700x600mm for desktop use or 1400x600mm for floor use. Other sizes are available on request.

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