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Our warehouse is your warehouse. Let us help you reduce your packaging inventory, improve cash flow and storage costs.

If you’re short of storage space, we can store your packaging goods in a clean, safe environment and deliver exactly what you need precisely when required.

Our strategically-located regional distribution centres allow us to offer nationwide coverage with over 700,000 sq ft of warehouse space.

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With the fleet of 100 vehicles ranging from 3 tonnes to 40 feet articulated lorries, we deliver more than 50,000 orders per month.

We also provide a range of inventory management solutions including:

Just in Time (JIT) production

Our regional distribution centres allow us to offer nationwide coverage.

The benefits to our customers include:

  • Lower stock holding means a reduction in storage space, which saves rent and insurance costs
  • Less working capital is tied up in stock
  • There is less likelihood of stock perishing
  • Avoids the build-up of unsold finished product that can occur with sudden changes in demand

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services

By using our VMI system, you can optimise your supply chain. We will maintain your inventory levels and will be responsible for generating purchase orders on your behalf.

The benefits to our customers include:

  • Decreased inventory levels giving monetary and space savings
  • Reduced instances of stock out situations
  • Decreased planning and ordering costs as we will manage these activities
  • You will have the right packaging materials at the right time

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