If you are wrapping between 10 – 15 pallets (or more) per day, then it’s probably time to consider making the investment in a stretch machine. Wrapping pallets by hand can slow down the goods-out operation and be costly in terms of the amount of film you are using. It’s also strenuous work for the operator.


Whilst the initial cost of a machine can be significant, the savings made in stretch film more than cover the cost and can add up to a small fortune over the years – if you invest wisely and follow a good maintenance routine. A stretch wrap machine can last up to 15 years (sometimes longer) and, typically comes with 3 year warranty cover.

Available space can be a deciding factor on the type of machine that you go for. If you have limited space, you may want to consider a mobile pallet wrapper. If you have more space a turntable machine could be more suitable, ramps can be added to drive pallets on and off.


Reduce material costs and improve productivity

If you are stretch wrapping non-standard or awkward shaped products, then an  innovative spiral wrapping machinery will significantly increase productivity.  Suitable for both long or ring shaped products it’s an ideal solution for the construction, engineering and industrial sectors.


Reduce damages and returns

Stretch wrapping machines also prevent load twisting and crushing. Auto wrapped loads are more likely to arrive in perfect condition

Reduced storage costs
Reduced transport costs
Reduced damages and returns
Reduced administration costs
Better customer experience
Improved productivity

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