Strapping machines are ideal for wrapping small or large amounts of product. It can help prevent individual boxes from falling across your warehouse floor. Manual machines are a lot slower than automated ones, making them perfect for improving productivity. It also lowers the number of workers you need to have manually strapping your products. Lastly, the strapping is tamper-evident ensuring that it can’t be pulled off or tampered with.

Increase productivity

Automated strapping machines speed up throughput and ensure consistency of application to guarantee load containment.


Reduce damages and returns

Machinery will cut the strapping and adjust the tension to ensure product damage is minimised and items are sealed securely during transit.

Types of strapping machines:

– Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

– Automatic Strapping Machine

– Fully Automatic Strapping machine

– Low Table Height Strapping Machine

Reduced storage costs
Reduced transport costs
Reduced damages and returns
Reduced administration costs
Better customer experience
Improved productivity

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