Postal Automation can dramatically speed up your operational through-put, getting your shipments to customers quicker.


Auto-bagging systems

With an auto-bagging system your products are automatically sealed in addressed packs. This process takes a fraction of the time compared to manual packing, speeding up your operational throughput significantly.


As the system is fully automated, it removes the need for packing benches, picked items are placed directly onto the conveyer for packing and labelling. This reduces the footprint of your packing area.


The bag film has a comparatively small storage footprint, reducing the amount of warehouse space needed to hold stock.  As the film is cut to size for each shipment, it’s a highly efficient process which minimises packaging material use.


The packs are a perfect fit for each product so there is less packaging material for your customer to dispose of. The system also produces a mailing bag which is easy to open, enhancing the overall customer experience.


The PriorityPak® system encases products in a Cold Seal cohesive-coated packaging that locks items in place to minimise shifting during transit.


StealthWrap™ is the all-in-one carton system that creates a high performance, ultra-durable, ship-ready parcel whilst eliminating excess packaging, reducing total costs and improving packaging security.

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