The growth of eCommerce creates many opportunities for online retailers, but the increasing demand for more flexibility and faster delivery can be a challenge. At Macfarlane Packaging we have been working in partnership with e-retailers to reduce costs and deliver an excellent customer experience.


Balancing customer experience whilst managing supply and demand in an online retailing operation is becoming increasingly complex and can be costly.


Our innovative approach focuses on solving problems with packaging solutions that deliver speed, accuracy and product integrity. We do this by focusing on both products and processes to deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Use the right size box for your products to minimise transport costs and environmental impact
Consolidate your range of custom boxes to increase storage space, reduce costs and environmental impact
Make it easy and more sustainable for customers to return boxes by adding an extra seal strip
Speed up packing with easy-to-erect boxes that do not require taping
Print on the inside and outside of the box to create a memorable unboxing experience
Box automation
Custom eCommerce packaging

Delivering an excellent customer experience

Packaging can play a vital role in connecting a customer to your brand as it will often be the first physical interaction with your brand. Without the ability to bring them into an actual retail space you need to think about how you take that store experience into their home.

Returnable Boxes

If your customers receive a product that’s unsuitable or damaged, it can be a challenge to find the right packaging to return it.  By using a pack that is returnable you’re not only making it easier to return but you’re also ensuring your products arrive back to you in one piece. This reduces costs and environmental impact. Simply adding a returnable seal strip on your box makes it much easier for your products to get back to you safely.


Optimum Protection

Our custom transit eCommerce boxes are great if you are shipping bulkier items such as homeware and will offer maximum product protection. They are also easy and fast to erect and are delivered flat to help you maximise your storage space. A range of printing options are also available to create a great unboxing experience.

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