Christmas is one of the busiest times for many retailers. The last quarter of the year typically sees an increase in the number of orders, which puts additional burden on resources and packing capabilities. Are you and your staff ready for the hectic period ahead?

Read on for tips on how to improve efficiency in your warehouse.

Train your staff

Your workforce play a key role in ensuring that your packaging operation runs smoothly. If you employ seasonal packers, make sure they receive relevant training and are aware of all packing processes at your company. Having a standard set of packing procedures will help you to achieve consistency and maximise your throughput during peak times.

Plan ahead

Prepare a clear rota well in advance to allow your staff to plan for holidays, and ensure they know exactly what is expected of them. Remember that people often get sick when the season changes, so you should take this into consideration when planning. If you can, organise regular meetings with your staff to address any issues they may have and keep everyone up to date.

Organise your packing areas

Ensure your packing benches are well organised and your packers have easy access to all of packing materials they may need. This will help to prevent workplace injuries and allow your staff to pack faster.

You should always make sure your staff have sufficient packaging to last them for an entire day of packing. Backlog of uncompleted orders will only put extra stress on your packing operation. You may also jeopardise your brand reputation if customers do not receive their orders on time.

Switch to fast-packing solutions

Sealing boxes with tape can be time-consuming and the end result isn’t often impressive…

Packaging solutions such as crash-lock boxes can increase your packing speed by as much as 30%! They do not require taping and are very easy to assemble for your staff, ensuring they can pack more in less time. You will also save on packing materials and provide your customers with beautiful packages, helping to enhance their experience with your brand.

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