Well, it’s been a tumultuous year to say the least, with businesses having to manage change on a day-by-day basis. Don’t worry, I won’t include the phrases “unprecedented” or “challenging” in this blog…

We are working with customers in many industries to help them manage cost reduction, find new space for business growth and adapt their businesses to manage increased demand. This has been particularly salient amongst our retail customers, many of whom are adapting to fulfilling increased online demand in lieu of stores being accessible during the lockdown periods.

This accelerated growth has led to fulfilment operations having to adapt quickly to keep up with order demand.

Before the pandemic hit, we worked with Hobbycraft on a project to adapt their packing operation to support 15-20% growth year on year for the next 5 years. We helped them to redesign their packing area to meet these targets, whilst working within their existing floorspace footprint.

We started this journey at our Innovation Lab, allowing the team at Hobbycraft to visualise new possibilities through augmented reality goggles.

Shabbir Yusoof, General Manager at Hobbycraft, said “They gave us the ability to virtually visualise our packing production line, which not only helped us improve the journey for our colleagues as well as give us efficiency on site, but it was also something new that I hadn’t seen before in the industry.”

Once a new packing area layout had been agreed, Macfarlane set to work to install the new layout to improve efficiency.

Marek Slysz, Ecom Operation Manager at Hobbycraft, said: “In changing the ergonomics of the pack bench, Hobbycraft have been able to increase productivity by 12% in the first year alone.”

The specialist Retail team were there to support Hobbycraft in every step of the packing processes, delivering improvements in the packs, reducing overall pack size, and improving the branding of the boxes.

Katherine Patterson, Marketing Director of Hobbycraft, commented: “What really impressed me with Macfarlane was I thought they were incredibly focused on retail. So, they spent a lot of time understanding what customers want from packaging and developing solutions that met their needs – so how to avoid damages, how to make sure there’s not too much void fill, how to make sure it’s packaged carefully.”

The results have not only helped Hobbycraft to work smarter, but there has been an environmental benefit too. “In partnership with Macfarlane we were able to use the innovative designs to save over 50,000sqm of corrugated cardboard which is absolutely brilliant for the environment and for our sustainability,” Shabbir Yusoof said.

View the full case study video here 

You may be surprised where a journey into packaging and packing processes will take you!

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