Does your pick and pack operation reflect a customer-focused journey?

COVID-19 has driven a surge in online sales. With retail stores forced to close, omnichannel retailers have had to react quickly to cope with a deluge of online orders, fulfilling huge spikes in demand during challenging times.

Fulfilling the needs and expectations of the online shopper is complex enough without the background of a pandemic. Customers aren’t able to feel or touch their potential purchases or experience a connection to your values or ethos in-store. So, wider customer experience is vital to connect them to your brand.

A customer-focused journey can bring you closer to the expectations and needs of your customer, carrying your brand values into their home in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Implementing a customer-focused journey

Before the pandemic, we worked with Hobbycraft to help change their existing functional packaging to a customer-focused journey.  Their objective to “Get Britain Making” is a fundamental message that they want to build on, underpinned by a desire to make crafting accessible to as many people as possible.

The challenge was to align together to do it in the most cost-effective and sustainable way, improving the customer journey and supporting a projected business growth forecast of 15-20% over the next 5 years.

Three key areas of influence were identified, for both operational improvements and the customer journey – the environment, productivity and damage reduction.

The transit boxes underwent a redesign with strong visual branding added to the exterior, these conveyed their key sustainability and Hobbycraft club messages.  The new box design reduced the amount of material used, removing 50,000 square metres (29.1 tonnes) of corrugate board from the manufacturing process, reducing co2e emissions by 25.4 tonnes based on UK Government material manufacturing averages.

Facilitated by the Macfarlane Innovation Lab, augmented reality goggles were used to help visualise a new packing area before committing to a redesign. Now installed, this new packing area has improved pack bench ergonomics and process flow resulting in a 12% increase in productivity.

Shabbir Yusoof , General Manager from Hobbycraft said: “With a thorough approach using innovative ideas in their innovation Lab and proven methods from their vast experience, Macfarlane Packaging have quickly improved the customer journey at Hobbycraft. Macfarlane Packaging is very much a partner in our journey for great customer service as much as they are a key stakeholder in finding us the best solutions.”

The Macfarlane Packaging Retail team are committed to helping eCommerce businesses create an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective customer journey.

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