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Packaging optimisation can help businesses identify hidden savings, improve processes and become more efficient. Yes, that’s right – just by tweaking your packaging you can make savings throughout your supply chain. That’s why we created the Packaging Optimiser – an innovative new tool that will illustrate how changes to your packing materials and operation can reduce costs, save time and even cut emissions.

The need for this new tool is clear. Procurement teams find themselves under continual pressure, managing material price increases across the spectrum of products and materials, fuelled by inflation, spiralling energy costs and labour shortages.

Cost control is vital for businesses to stay competitive.

The Packaging Optimiser examines the performance of your current packaging and illustrates how changes can deliver improvement in your operational costs – both financial and environmental.

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Identifying possible areas of reduction

The Packaging Optimiser works in 6 specific areas to help businesses reduce cost and deliver environmental savings…

The Packaging Optimiser helps you free up storage space

1 Creating space through storage reduction

The Packaging Optimiser investigates opportunities to reduce the amount of packaging you hold onsite; this can help you to free up additional space for business growth. Improved palletisation of incoming stock can also reduce pallet handling and lessen the impact on the goods-in.

Optimisation of your floorspace through improved packing area layout or automation also maximises space availability. This often removes the need to rent additional premises at times of accelerated growth.

The Packaging Optimiser will show the square footage of space that you could unlock, along with the reduction in pallet handling time and the financial saving of improvements.

Packaging optimisation can help you reduce transport costs

2 Optimising your delivery fleet

The Packaging Optimiser will illustrate the impact that improved packaging could have on your delivery fleet or courier space requirement. The tool projects how payload improvement could reduce the overall space needed for deliveries to your customers. It then shows you how much fuel usage, and resulting CO2 emissions, can be reduced within your supply chain.

The Packaging Optimiser can help reduce damages and returns

3 The cost and CO2 impact of damages

When product is damaged in transit it sets off a costly chain of events

Returns and replacing goods can be expensive.  Goods that cannot be refurbished and resold become nothing more than material waste. Plus, when a customer returns a product the carbon cost of the transaction doubles!

The Packaging Optimiser calculates the true cost that damaged product generates throughout the supply chain.  It  also illustrates the financial savings, and CO2 reduction, that better protection from improved packaging can achieve in your supply chain.

Packaging optimisation can help you reduce admin time

4 Administration time

Time costs money! Reduced administration creates the ability to work more efficiently. Did you know that the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply estimates it costs businesses £50 to process every purchase order they place?

The Packaging Optimiser will show you where time savings can be made. This will free up your team to work on more important things.

The Packaging Optimiser shows where productivity can be improved

5 Productivity improvement

The right packaging can increase the throughput of your packing operation; packaging automation can transform it. This sort of packaging optimisation will empower your team to pack more in less time. Ideal if you need to steer through current labour shortages.

The Packaging Optimiser will reveal the impact that these changes can have on time and cost, illustrating the improvement on throughput and projecting how it will support your business through times of peak demand.

The Packaging Optimiser can help you choose the best packaging material for your business

6 Material improvement

Many businesses are now undertaking projects to not only reduce the price of their packaging, but to improve sustainability too.

Do you want to continue with your current packaging or switch to a more sustainable solution? The Packaging Optimiser will show you the CO2  impact of your current packaging and how this could compare to using an alternative packaging material or increasing the recycled content in your materials.


We’re confident that the Packaging Optimiser can uncover cost savings and help you slash carbon emissions. Contact us to start optimising your packaging or click here for more information about the Packaging Optimiser. 

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