It is common knowledge that the customer is king (or queen!).


The better shopping experience they have with your brand, the more likely they are to choose your products again and, most importantly, recommend them to others. But, if you irritated them, you may never see them again.


The Internet is full of unboxing videos in which customers and vloggers assess recently purchased products and their packaging. A simple search for ‘unboxing’ on YouTube found over 59 million results with as many as 590 videos posted in an hour!


If you are confident about your products and the quality of your packaging, this can be great, free publicity for your brand. If your packaging does not deliver, the unboxing trend may have a negative impact on your reputation.


Of course, you cannot always satisfy everybody and mistakes do happen, but you can minimise these.


Below are a few packaging ideas that will help you to delight your customers by offering a great unboxing experience that is worth sharing.


Get personal with your packaging


Impress your customers by adding a personalised message inside your package. Not only does it offer a great opportunity to thank them, it also shows there are real people behind your brand.


FEELUNIQUE does it well. The company includes short, custom messages such as “Almost there”, “Thank you” and “Enjoy” on their boxes that are present throughout the entire opening process. What a great way to create an intimate connection with your customers and show them that you care!


Offer a little surprise


Surprise and delight your customers by offering something truly unexpected.


Selfridges is a great example to follow – What looks like a plain package from the outside turns into a bright yellow box once opened, offering an instant feel good factor about the brand. Selfridges also brings their logo to the inside, which helps to create stronger brand integrity.


Little things matter


If you work on a tight budget or do not want to make any dramatic changes to your existing packaging, start with something small.


Tissue paper with your logo or custom printed tape are minor but effective solutions to elevate customer experience with your brand.


Macfarlane Packaging can help you to ensure your packaging looks stunning while offering optimum protection for your products. Contact us today:

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  1. Jason Darnstaedt

    I’d say the most important thing is for the package to arrive on time and for the product inside to be complete and in one piece. After that, these small details can certainly help with branding and are worth considering if the budget allows.


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