We work in partnership with our automotive customers from all tiers of the industry to reduce costs and bring easy to use, innovative packaging solutions that deliver speed, accuracy and above all, great product protection.

Our approach

Bringing our unique “Significant Six” approach to your business, our experienced team can help uncover the hidden operational costs that could be redressed through changes in your packaging. We can reduce your damage and return rates and positively impact transport, storage and productivity costs.

Our range

Our complete packaging range ensures product protection throughout your supply chain. This includes single use and returnable packaging as well as standard and bespoke composite packs for individual or bulk shipment.


We can deliver packaging JIT, allowing you to reduce the amount of stock you need to hold on site and freeing up space for production inventory.

Easy Ordering

We can also supply standard stock packaging products like cartons, tape, polythene, strapping, stretch wrap and even the photo-copier paper. This gives you one point of contact for all your packaging needs. Our customised online ordering system “Simplicit.e” interfaces with your in-house systems – making order placement, supplier management and reporting easy.

CKD packaging

We offer solutions to protect, store and transport small products.

Our modular pack consists of compatible (VDA standard), heavy duty corrugate boxes that can be stacked in conjunction with CKD plastic containers. The packs are:

  • easy to manage
  • strong
  • safe
  • reusable

Bulk packaging

We offer heavy duty packaging solutions that:

  • are quick and easy to erect
  • have easy access for packing and unpacking
  • are strong and durable to minimise damage
  • can be customised to hold your components in place
  • are suitable for stacking
  • can be used for transporting by air, road, rail or sea
  • are fully recyclable

Aftermarket packaging

We can supply packaging for every aspect of the aftermarket, from point of manufacture right through to point of sale, including:

  • end user product packaging
  • bulk part shipment
  • wholesale distribution
  • e-commerce sales


It’s imperative that products are protected in storage and transit. Finding the right product is fundamental in helping to reduce damages and deliver associated savings.

We have protective products that:

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    Modula Packing Systems

    Shipping Bulky Items

    Damages and returns are one of the Significant Six

    The Significant Six are the big hidden costs that undermine the efficiency and cost effectiveness of all packaging operations.

    We have identified them, analysed them and developed products and strategies to reduce or eliminate them.

    Our packaging experts are ready to help you find and remove this destructive half dozen from your operation.