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Packaging has an important role in product protection, but we must design and use it properly. The right packaging can significantly reduce waste throughout supply chains.

These pages will explain Macfarlane Packaging’s sustainability policy and show you the steps to sustainable packaging.

The right pack

Packaging must be carefully planned from the start to reduce waste in the supply chain.
Properly designed packaging provides maximum protection with minimal use of material.

Steps to sustainability

We know that packaging plays a huge part in CSR and sustainability goals for businesses, with many looking to reduce packaging use and minimise material waste.

Our support helps you take that approach to another level. We can identify the impact packaging has on your operation and redress it's impact throughout the supply chain.

By taking our Steps to Sustainability, we can help you to reduce material usage and carbon footprint as well as minimise waste throughout your supply chain.

Step 1: Talk to us about your Sustainability Goals

We can help identify the key environmental costs in your packaging operation and help you reduce or eliminate them.

Step 2: Identify Sustainable Packaging Alternatives

We will recommend opportunities to reduce, reuse or recycle – converting products to sustainable solutions where possible and
dramatically reducing material use.

Step 3: Assess the knock on effect of packaging

We will address the possibility of reductions in your shipment weight, product damages and return rates. We'll help you maximise transportation and reduce your fleet (or courier) carbon emissions.

Step 4: Illustrate and Report Savings

We'll help you calculate and report reductions so that you can share the improvements with your customers and key stakeholders.

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    Accreditation and standards

    ISO 14001

    Macfarlane Packaging is registered to, and operates in accordance with the ISO 14001 Environmental Management standards. This internationally accepted standard defines the necessary requirements for establishing, implementing and operating an environmental management system and the supporting audit programme.

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