Loosefill Packing Chips

  • Void fill packaging is recommended for filling any remaining space after the item(s) have been packed in their outer shipping cardboard box or container to prevent damages.
  • The free-flowing nature of loose fill packing chips means that they can be used in any size box to void fill.
  • The loosefill chips are easy to dispense and fill gaps and spaces around the product.
  • Loosefill is also made from 100% recycled material and is fully re-useable.
  • We also provide other protective void fill materials such as packing paper and Smart Karton with inbuilt voidfill.
Loosefill Packing Chips

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  • Loosefill Packing Chips

    Product Code: 003178

    15 cubic ft bag

    Pack (1 Unit)

    Price: £14.70
  • Large Loosefill Dispenser

    Product Code: 007910

    To fit 4 bags (60 cubic feet)

    Price: £232.86
  • Loosefill Hopper Frame

    Product Code: 107008

    For use with products 003178 and 007910.

    Price: £275.71

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