Loosefill Packing Chips


Void fill packaging is recommended for filling any remaining space after the item(s) have been packed in their outer shipping cardboard box or container to prevent damages.

Loosefill packing chips are a cost effective method of void fill and offer great protection in transit. The free-flowing nature of loose fill packing chips means that they can be used in any size box to void fill.

Loosefill packing chips are lightweight and reusable.

Degradable loosefill packing chips are manufactured from 100% recycled polystyrene and contain an additive which allows the polystyrene packing chips to degrade within 9 to 60 months in the presence of micro-organisms, found in landfill and compost areas.

Biodegradable packing chips are manufactured from starch based polystyrene that begins to decompose when wet for a period of time.


We also provide other protective void fill materials such as packing paper, Upak voidfill and Fill-Air® Cyclone™.

Loosefill Packing Chips

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  • Degradable Loosefill Packing Chips

    Product Code: 003178

    15 cubic ft bag

    Pack (1 Unit)

    Price: £14.70
  • Small Loosefill Dispenser

    Product Code: 007909

    To fit 2 bags (30 cubic feet)

    Price: £375.00
  • Large Loosefill Dispenser

    Product Code: 007910

    To fit 4 bags (60 cubic feet)

    Price: £232.86
  • Loosefill Hopper Frame

    Product Code: 107008

    For use with products 007909 and 007910.

    Price: £275.71