Bubble Wrap Bags

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Sealed Air's AirCap® bubble wrap has a special air retention barrier to actually seal every bubble against air loss to enable AirCap® bubble wrap to retain it's thickness and ensure effective long term cushioning performance.

Bubble bags have easy and secure "peel and seal" closure strips. We always express the internal dimensions of our bubble wrap bags to enable you to accurately calculate whether your item(s) will fit.

Our range of Anti-Static bubble wrap bags do not produce electrostatic charges during handling and dissipate surface charges to prevent electrostatic damage to packaged components and devices.


Bubble wrap bags are great for use within our postal packaging range to help protect contents from damage. Take a look at our book packs, unlined postal boxes and Sealed Air's MailLite® Durable envelopes.


Bubble wrap bags are reusable and can be recycled with other polyethylene based materials.

Bubble Wrap Bags