Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers

from £30.73

Shrink wrap pallet covers offer excellent protection from the elements including dirt and dust during pallet transportation or storage. The pallet covers are clear, which enables easy identification of the contents.

Pallet covers are so easy to use:


  • Place a pallet cover over the pallet,
  • Use a Heat Shrink Film Gun to shrink the pallet cover to tightly fit the pallet and its contents.

Super heavy duty shrink film pallet covers are supplied on a roll as gusseted sacks and perforated for easy removal from the roll.


Our pallet covers all come in 60 mu.


To calculate the size of gusseted pallet cover required, measure: 


Length of the pallet load plus 75 mm

Width of the pallet load plus 100 mm

Height of the pallet load plus 50% of width plus 100 mm


Bespoke sizes are available, call us today on 0800 2888 822 to find out more.

Shrink Wrap Pallet Covers