Value Tapes

Value tapes are suitable for all your domestic, office and transit packaging requirements. Can also be used as parcel tape.
from £0.56

Standard Tapes

Our standard packaging tapes are available as hot melt, solvent and low noise solvent adhesives.
from £0.38

Premium Tapes

Premium packing tapes are made using 32 micron vinyl and solvent-based adhesive for effective sealing properties.
from £0.51

Bonus Tapes

Our Bonus tapes are made from Polyprop 25 micron film, and come with a 38mm core.
from £3.50

Machine Applied Tapes

Machine applied packing tapes are available in either hot melt or solvent adhesive. Suitable for food industry use.
from £7.33

Gummed Paper Tapes

Gummed paper tape is the environmentally friendly alternative to standard packing tape.
from £2.56

Machines & Dispensers

Handheld tape dispensers are ideal for applying packing tape, and are designed for use with most self adhesive tapes.
from £3.04

Coloured Tapes

Coloured packing tapes are ideal for bundling, coding and identifying goods for shipping or storage.
from £1.38

Printed Tapes

Printed tapes warn and inform people about packaged products during transit or storage. Bespoke printing is available too.
from £0.72

Marking Tape

Our marking tapes allow you to easily mark and identify aisles, lanes, hazard areas, tools and equipment.
from £2.52

Filament Tapes

Filament tapes are extremely strong and are used for bundling heavy products, and sealing / reinforcing heavy boxes.
from £1.79

Tamper Evident Tapes

Tamper evident tape is a superb deterrent as it offers clear visibility if a parcel has been tampered with.
from £12.58

Black Cloth Tapes

Black cloth tapes (also known as ‘Gaffer’ or ‘duct’ tapes) offer a professional answer for heavy duty sticking tasks.
from £3.36

Masking Tape

Masking tape is ideal for fixing, bundling and sealing applications, as well as short term paint masking.
from £0.46

Double Sided Tapes

Double sided tissue tapes are easy to tear by hand and are coated on both sides of the tape with a clear adhesive.
from £0.92

Our choice of packing tapes and sealing products are perfect for a broad variety of applications. We have a massive range of standard tapes, and specialist tapes including masking and filament tapes.

If you’re looking for something different for your sealing needs, try our ranges of gun adhesives and twist ties.


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