Gift Boxes


Beautiful high quality gift boxes with lids, all our cardboard gift boxes come with full paper lining.

We offer a wide range of wholesale gift boxes at low prices while retaining product quality.


To accompany the gift boxes, we suggest buying our bows and ribbons that can be easily applied to the box. Wrapping your products with our Tissue and shredded tissue paper can be used to complete the look, whilst filling voids and protecting the contents in an attractive presentational way!


If you need something special to wrap your wine bottles in, take a look at our bottle gift packs, to add that extra bit of sparkle to a special occasion or celebration. Also, if you are looking to store or transport any gifting products; our double wall or single wall cardboard boxes would be an ideal solution for you.


Gift box dimensions are displayed as: Base Length x Base Width x Height.


We always express the internal dimensions of gift boxes to enable you to accurately calculate whether your item(s) will fit.

Gift Boxes

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  • Reversible Mail And Gift Pack

    Product Code: 229164

    200 x 200 x 75 mm

    Pack (50 Wraps)

    RRP: £57.00

    NOW: £47.50

  • Mini Chocolate Gift Boxes

    Product Code: 189886

    65 x 65 x 40 mm

    Pack (24)

    Price: £28.80
  • A5 Union Jack Box

    Product Code: 214750

    208 x 157 x 80 mm

    Pack (25)

    Price: £39.25

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