Office Recycling Bins


  • Used by Councils, Schools, Offices, Shops, Leisure Centres and at home
  • 2 piece assembly
  • Suitable for Paper, Plastic, or Cans
  • Delivered Flat packed 
  • Sizes shown are the internal dimensions: Length x Width x Height


Picture shown is for illustration purposes only.


To ensure your recycling bin has a long and reusable life, we recommend getting refuse sacks to line your recycling bins with. Use our refuse sacks made from recycled polythene, with a range of colours including clear, blue, green, yellow and red to choose from.


 These recycle bins are eco friendly and made of corrugated cardboard.

Office Recycling Bins

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  • Office Recycling Bin

    Product Code: 004237

    313 x 303 x 742 mm

    Pack (1)

    Price: £4.05

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