Korrvu Boxes

Sealed Air's Korrvu® Suspension Boxes suspend products in the airspace of the box between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film. Korrvu® Suspension boxes are clean, light weight and easy to use. They offer impressive flexibility enabling users to package and ship a variety of items using one box size, and no additional void filling or cushioning materials.

Sealed Air's Korrvu® Retention Boxes use elastomeric film to securely entrap products in position and and give excellent product visibility and display. Korrvu® Retention Boxes use antic-static film meaning they are suitable for use with electronic components.


If you have any bespoke requirements that you would like to discuss, call us today on 0800 2888 822.

Korrvu® box dimensions are displayed as: Length x Width x Depth.

(We always express the internal dimensions of boxes to enable you to accurately calculate whether your item(s) will fit.)

Korrvu Boxes

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  • Mobile Phone Korrvu Retention Boxes

    Product Code: 008406

    185 x 90 x 34 mm

    Pack (50 Boxes)

  • Tablet Korrvu Retention Boxes

    Product Code: 220424

    295 x 240 x 95 mm

    Pack (25 Boxes)

  • Laptop Korrvu Retention Boxes

    Product Code: 220425

    560 x 365 x 110 mm

    Pack (25 Boxes)


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