Single Wall Boxes

A wide range of single wall cardboard boxes. Ideal solutions for packing, storage and shipping.
from £0.20

Smart Karton

Smart Karton a revolutionary packaging system
from £0.36

Double Wall Boxes

Double wall cardboard boxes are perfect moving and shipping boxes. Great for heavy or bulky items.
from £0.44

Postal Mailing Boxes

Our range of different postal mailing boxes, that come supplied with a handy address label. Ideal for posting items.
from £0.23

Export Boxes

Our range of export boxes have been specifically designed to transport heavy goods. Printed with IATA ref.
from £5.23

BDCM Boxes

Commonly used in the retail and catalogue trades. BDCM boxes are printed with blue text as required by retailers.
from £0.70

Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard sheets can be used as layering pads within boxes to cushion, protect and stabilise packaged products.
from £0.20

Euro Modular Boxes

Heavy duty double wall cardboard boxes offer excellent stacking strength and an exact pallet size fit for Euro pallets.
from £1.23

Eco Boxes

This single wall, 'Super C' flute box offers the same strength as a double wall box, but uses less corrugate in its manufacture.
from £0.93

Palletised Containers

Palletised containers have wooden bases which are heat treated and are suitable for export purposes.
from £19.83

Ream Boxes

Printers ream boxes help ensure printed materials remain in perfect condition.
from £0.46

Bottle Boxes

A wide variety of wine and champagne bottle boxes, which are suitable for transporting your bottles.
from £0.43

Cardboard Mug Boxes

Cardboard mug boxes are great little boxes - ideal for safely storing and shipping mugs, or similar sized items.
from £0.67

White Card Boxes

Simple and attractive - can be used for gift boxes or retail and presentation purposes. Perfect for smaller or delicate items.
from £0.21

Removal Boxes

Everything you need for your big move! Removal boxes, plastic chair and mattress covers, bubble wrap and more.
from £23.48

Telescopic Picture Frame Boxes

Two part telescopic cardboard picture boxes. Ideal for storing and shipping picture frames, paintings, prints, canvases and mirrors.
from £4.13

Archive Boxes

Our cardboard archive boxes come with hinged lids and hand holes, or as A4 box files, also supplied with hinged lids.
from £2.37

Do Not Stack Cones

Our easy to use 'Do Not Stack' cones are an effective way to prevent shipping and storage damage.
from £0.42

Office Recycling Bins

Office recycling bins make it easy and convenient for everyone in your office or warehouse to recycle.
from £4.28
With a huge selection of cardboard boxes, Macfarlane Packaging has a packaging solution to suit all your needs. Our range of cardboard boxes include single wall cardboard boxes  and double wall boxes, to postal boxes and bottle boxes.

If you’re moving house, take a look at our packing boxes in the removals section! With such a wide range of cardboard boxes to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that suits your requirements!


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